All About Us: Our Brand & Core Values

What We Offer

Sundrop Vintage is a unique furniture rental and event styling service based in Orange County, CA. We provide over 600 vintage furniture, tabletop, and décor pieces in a variety of styles for you to choose from. No matter the event, our team of stylists is ready to curate pieces that fit your vision. Maybe you have a theme in mind or maybe you’ve been eyeing that funky chair in our storeroom. That’s perfect! We’ll design a story all around whatever you bring us and you won’t have to stress one bit. Together we’ll create the event of your dreams.

Furniture Rentals

We offer a variety of vintage settee’s, couches, chairs, tables, and props along with gorgeous vintage dish and glass collections. We deliver!

Event Styling

We love listening to your thoughts and ideas to create the perfect atmosphere for you and your guests enjoyment.

Meet the Team

Theresa John

Stylist & Visionary

As a team we have had over 30+ years of experience. Theresa and Eric John have founded several iconic boutiques in Laguna Beach. Theresa owned and operated a flower shop in San Clemente. She was one of the lead designers there when she realized her passion was helping create the perfect event and that is when Sundrop Vintage was born. Theresa has a Wild Imagination and a sense for style. Creativity is her passion, thinking outside the box is fun and working with a team that has all this makes for a Beautiful Collision. Her philosophy is if you can think it, we can make it happen. So Let the Magic Begin…
Song to get her out on the dance floor: All Night Long by Lionel Ritchie

Aly Henderson

Director of First Impressions & Stylist

Director of First Impressions & Stylist she is a romantic at heart, she loves nothing more than seeing dreams come to life. She has an eclectic style and likes mixing and matching different textures and colors together to create something amazing. Her favorite part is when she can walk a bride through the Sundrop Vintage design process and help her create the backdrop for her best day ever.

Song to get her out on the dance floor: Love Shack by the B-52s

Corporate Values


We will respect each other’s ability to perform to Sundrops brand values…


We will work as an effective team – communicating with each other openly and honestly. We will help each other and we will ask the team for help when we need it.

Empowerment and Accountability

We will empower each other to do the job right and hold each other accountable for our results. We will not micromanage each other…

Creative Empowerment

We will empower ourselves and other team members to think on their feet and be creative in execution.

Brand Values


Sundrop build’s successful relationships for life! It’s who we are – It’s what we do…


We promise to be a transparent and trustworthy event partner.We treat every event like it is the most important event in our client’s life.


We will bring the best style and the best creative imagination available in this industry to our clients. We will never take the easy way out by not suggesting creative alternatives during the event process.

Go Above and Beyond

We will exceed our client’s expectations with our creativity, integrity, work ethic and compassion. This is our contract with our client’s and we guarantee it.

Trusted by top Venues

Including local Coordinators, Florists, and Caterers

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Located in San Clemente, CA

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Located in San Clemente, CA

Setup an appointment today! We would love to help your dreams come true 🙂

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